Care Giver Training

Caregiver Training is a practical and culturally adaptable training program to foster the social and communication skills of children with autism and other developmental issues, with a special focus on families in underserved communities.

The program aligns with Autism Speaks’ mission to increase understanding and acceptance of autism, increase early-childhood screening and intervention, and ensure access to reliable information and service throughout life.

The program trains parents and other caregivers to use scientifically proven strategies for promoting child development, reducing disruptive behaviors, and strengthening their coping skills.

Aims & objective

To provide adequate knowledge of caregiver about child disability and this consequence along with therapeutic treatment given by MDT Approach for social inclusion of the child with disabilities.
  • To provide therapeutic treatment including OT, PT, SLT, and others if needed.
  • Patients assessment by scientific and evidence-based practice.
  • Awareness program (Special training class) for mothers and caregivers.
  • Special education provides for a special child.
  • The assistive device provides an associate vocational training program.

Course Duration

The course duration of the care giver training is 15 days only. It can be residential and non-residential.


This course only applies to the mother, father and caregiver of an autistic and disabled child (not to anyone else). Age range between 18 to 45 years.

Training goals and objectives


To know the needs and rights of the disabled child/individual by increasing the ideas about disability.


This training will bring about a constructive change in the knowledge, skill and attitude of the participant so that they can improve the quality of life of the disabled child/individual by improving their skills.


Provide basic ideas about the therapeutic management of children/person with disabilities and enable them to provide basic therapy through hands-on training.

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