Awareness program

Awareness programs
 means community-wide or audience-specific programming, initiatives and strategies that increase audience knowledge and share information and resources to prevent violence, promote safety, and reduce perpetration.

Purpose of Our Awareness program

  • Enhance tolerance and acceptance of people with disabilities & autism.
  • Create a culture that focuses on ability.
  • Address commonly asked questions about disabilities and autism.
  • Present disability as part of life and
  • Help children view people who appear different from them in a positive way.

We run this program on a monthly and weekly basis

There are millions of people dealing with some form of disability and it’s our duty to help make their lives a better one, by contributing and promoting awareness through all types of medium to amplify our voice. We, the ARISE Impact team, strongly believe in empowering people with disabilities so that they are willing to learn and explore different concepts on their own.

We are constantly conducting field level awareness activities, as well as various school colleges, which are the main theme of autism and disability. Through this program, we provide key types of disability, the definition of disability cause, extent, prevention as well as all types of disability awareness information.